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Vijay Home Decor:

The most significant benefit that we have achieved so far is faith, trust and belief from our customers in a very short period of time which made it possible to belong to our hospitality and our vow never to deceive our customers. we always stay on our words or commitment and this makes us so much more professional. we are known for our trustworthy nature and now we have understood how difficult it is to make an affinity and a close relationship with our loyal customers thereby we have taken an oath not to cheat and play tricks with our customers and also to maintain an open-hearted, secure and unselfish relationship with our customers.


Quality over quantity

Quality plays the most important role in choosing a product even if we compare quality with quantity even then quality comes above in comparison to the quantity we assure you to provide the best quality of a product and thereby we prefer to produce unlimited stock at a given time so that the quality remains maintained people may easily count on us in the context of quality.


Quality under budget

So far we have noticed is that price should not create any kind of obstacle between the customer and the product. Nowadays price is the first thing that everyone thinks about. Different quality products have different prices. everyone wants to purchase the best quality products which come under their budget. we think that price should not come with the needs and desires of customers. some people dream that they buy the best stuff but the price does not allow them to do so. therefore keeping these things in mind we have taken a vow to provide the best quality LED mirror Rattan cane and other accessories at reasonable and affordable rates.

In this section of our website, we are here in order to help you to know more about us and our services. we never annoy our customers. This blog can answer all the questions related to Rattan Cane, LED light and so on. our experience and knowledge can also make you learn what to look for and what to avoid. While purchasing rattan item, LED lights and many other accessories necessary for home decoration. There are so many products with different prices. If we check on many different sites then this makes us confused and sometimes people take wrong decision.

Thereby we believe that this must not happen to our customers and for that reason, we never deceive our customers at Vijayhomedecor.com. We always want our customers to make the best decision for our product as it fits their budget. What we believe is that we should always be honest and therefore we are confident in saying that none of our posts is biased and we provide the information based on our experience and knowledge.

Quality and service

We at Vijay home decor believe in quality and service with a smile. we give our best to convert your dream outdoor furniture and indoor furniture into a luxury range with an outstanding variety of products with adorable designs. Not only outdoor furniture but interior appliances are also beautiful and preferable by the pocket of people.

We assure you that are products of rattan cane, painting and LED lights and so many other products are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. We provide different varieties of LED lights like Infinity mirror and vanity mirror etc. if we talk about rattan cane multiple varieties of rattan cane are also available at Vijay home decor like that rattan armchair, rattan Basket, rattan wine rack and so many rattan products with diversification.

Vijay home décor is an online destination for the retail of curated home decor products. Our company deliver across India and outside India also. We use very good quality materials to make our products be it anything. Be it rattan cane product, be it LED light and painting.


Our vision


We at Vijay home decor believe that the role of home decor is as important as air for breathing. Because of the different varieties of home decor, it is possible to live in a peaceful and beautiful home. It not only makes expression nice but also gives us a warm feeling. keeping this thought in our minds and heart, we have lined up all our focus on creating fashionable home decor products of all types. Here, at Viajay home Decor we not just manufacture fashionable products but also set the trend and standard for people.

Long-lasting home decor products with only the best quality materials are something that convinces you of a good purchase done at reliable prices. Rattan cane home decor products and other decorative items have certainly made a significant name in the industry as Vijay home decor for delivering consistent quality access to home decor products. Now we are one of the most experienced home decor products suppliers. We not only work in India but outside India too for supplying quality products to the esteemed customers.

Home Decor Expertise 

Our expertise is reflected in the way we design highly comfortable and modern home decor products with the warm style and design elements with the motive to create a uniquely beautiful and aesthetic product.


When it comes to durability, we assure you that nothing can beat our home decor products. They are made by the highly proficient designers of the market.

Reasonable prices

 Talk about price so when it comes to price then our products are so reasonable and budget-friendly. We make products by keeping in mind the income of the people.

Low maintenance

Vijay home decor is the leading manufacturer of home decor products and accessories that boasts longevity and low maintenance.

All-Weather resistant

Our products are strong, extremely weather-resistant and well-crafted.

As we have all known for a long time COVID-19 has worsened the condition of the country. Covid-19 has also had a bad effect on people’s income thereby we make products by keeping all the situation in our minds and heart. We are among the very few who offer customizations online. we have served many customers from all over the world. For us, decoration is more than just a business. It is our passion, our great our life. Vijay home decor achieves a perfect sense of decoration.

Our products are one of the easiest pieces of home decor that will fit in with the Appeal of your home and add some life to it. Vijay home decor is a leading online platform and it is open to the world for connecting arts like home decor. You can browse and buy home decor products in a few defined steps. Vijay home decor is a platform for promoting quality products by artists worldwide. Since the beginning of time, humans have found unique ways to express themselves. The clothes you wear send a statement to the people around you and also remind you of your uniqueness. The same is true with home decor. so come and contact us if you want your house to look beautiful.