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Overall Dimension;
King:- Length: 185cm, Breadth: 4cm, Height: 160cm.
(Length: 72 inches, Breadth: 1.5 inches, Height: 63 inches)

Queen:- Length: 155cm, Breadth: 4cm, Height: 150cm.
(Length: 61 inches, Breadth: 1.5 inches, Height: 59 inches)

Double:- Length: 140cm, Breadth: 4cm, Height: 140cm.
(Length: 55 inches, Breadth: 1.5 inches, Height: 55 inches)

Single:- Length: 95cm, Breadth: 4cm, Height: 138cm.
(Length: 38 inches, Breadth: 1.5 inches, Height: 54 inches)

Material: Natural Rattan.

Colour: Natural Rattan.

SKU ID (Product ID): VHD-RT-BH-22

What do we offer:
1. we are here to provide great deals for bulk orders in such a way that you may enlarge your business at International level.
2. we facilitate the option of drop-shipping.
3. With the motive to know about more details for bulk Orders and Drop shipping you are free to contact us anytime we are always there for helping you.
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If the question arises regarding the home decor products in the sense that what do we call as the most essential part of bedroom, even if this question is asked to the best interior designers, then the answer goes in the direction of bedhead or bed on the ground that, the feel what you get after lying on the bed cannot be experienced anywhere else in the home. this is one of the best products which aims at providing comfort to the body, cheer you up, giving consolation to you, lay out support to the body and ofcourse supply relief as well. so basically, these points are referring that if the bed has this much importance or essential role in our living and day-to-day life then keeping this view in mind bed has to be long lived, enduring, naturally beautiful and elegant. Our Rattan bed head is the point of departure which is responsible in making the bedroom ideal. rattan bed head is the natural product which is an upright board or panel fixed at the head of your bed with the variety of designs and pillows are also there. it is made with love and by your heart. this fantastic part of Rattan furniture is hard-wearing and everlasting additionally they are not heavy to lift. they are lightweight and fine. it aims not only in giving an aesthetic look to your bed and bedroom but also responsible in bringing positive vibes and relaxing or calm environment. it bears different designs and varieties which makes it more elegant. Contact us if you feel the need to customize the calculation to suit your bed size. our product is made from natural Rattan. each and every part is individually special. they are available in every size like double as well as single, king and queen.


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King, Queen, Double, Single


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